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saungincamp_lith_words Documenting generational tales about life before, during and after Laos to America. Through online submissions, street portraits and community workshops, these will be shared through our online digital archive the Laos In The House Stories Board. In partnership with the Lao Diaspora Project, Laotians from all over the world can submit through words, pictures, and video - all stories welcomed.
monksatexhibit_lith_wordsPresenting Lao American art through a curated selection of work which reflects over 40 years in diaspora. Featuring historic war drawings by survivors of the U.S. bombings, illustrations of refugee camp photos, and digital interpretations of Lao folk tales, this integration of storytelling with art seeks to engage community members to share their own personal stories. Open now until May 2 at the Asian Arts Initiative.
bryanspeaking_lith_wordsA showcase to highlight other Lao American artists, from traditional folk musicians to literary playwrights to fashion designers. Invited artists and collaborators will also lead teaching workshops on how they represent their heritage in their works and discuss issues we face in preserving our cultural history and what it means for the future of Lao America.


Please, take off your shoes and join us.

Indeed a culture survives when it has enough confidence in its past and enough say in its future to maintain its spirit and essence through all the changes it will inevitably undergo.

Wade Davis

We are proud to announce the opening of our very gallery first exhibit "Laos in the House: Voices from Four Decades of the Lao Diaspora" running March 6 - May 1, 2015 at the Asian Arts Initiative in Philadelphia. For opening reception and gallery details, read here.

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Meet The Artists

Here are the artists & special guest participants of Laos In The House. More names to be added as we get closer to our May 2015 event date!


When you come from something called "The Secret War" you don't get to tell your story the way others can because half of what you might tell may have been propaganda or else classified secret.

--Bryan Thao Worra

The Stories Board

Your Story, Our History.

The history of Lao America is one that hasn't been properly documented. The aftermath of Laos' Civil War, Vietnam War and U.S. Secret War in Laos makes that chapter hard to remember, or easy to forget - depending on who you ask. While living in the U.S. has given us opportunity for new lives, future generations are left asking questions about a past they can't find in their parents photo album nor their school textbooks. We've been here for 40 years, yet many are unaware of who we are.

Green card pictures. Elementary grade translations. Your summer "job". Overnight gambling parties. That gang phase. Making up words in "Englao". How many peppers you can take in your papaya salad.

As Lao we know we are different, growing up here was a constant reminder of that. Some of us settled pretty easily with American culture, while others held firm to continue age-old traditions. That was always our struggle, balancing our Lao heritage with our American identity. Regardless of our outcomes, our names, or our citizenship status, we remain proud of who we are even if we didn't quite fully know where, when or how exactly we got here. Each of our stories is unique yet revealingly reflects the Lao American diaspora that makes us, khon Lao.

We invite you to share your story through our online digital archive, the Laos In The House Stories Board, so others can learn and be inspired too. Because if you don't tell it like it's supposed to, then who will?

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