Lao New Year Dinner at Vientiane Cafe – Two Days!


Lao New Year is right around the corner! So to celebrate Laos In The House is proud to be hosting Lao New Year Dinner at Vientiane Cafe (4728 Baltimore Avenue), Philly's first and longest-standing Lao restaurant. What better way to to celebrate our favorite holiday than 8 uniquely flavorful courses? Taking place on two days (Lao New Year is celebrated in three days) patrons will be served 8 unique courses to celebrate Laotians’ favorite holiday. The multi-dish meal will include some of the restaurants best dishes served especially for this occasion in authentic Lao fashion, plus a few surprise food fares.

Highly recommended for the adventurous eater, lover of spicy foods, or those looking for some South East Asian flavor in their life. In addition to enjoying authentic Lao cuisine, you'll learn some cultural history including the role of food, flavors and ingredients. Highlights from the menu include:

  • jaew buk laen - a spicy roasted tomato sauce kicked up with fish sauce and garlic

  • mieng - a street snack made from sticky rice that has been dried, fried and reconstituted with broth

  • ant egg soup - they look like tic tacs, they taste like - well you’d have to come to find out

To see the full menu click here. For a truly authentic Lao experience, come as a group and dine family style. Says Vientiane Cafe owner, Sunny Phanthavong “I’ve talked about organizing something like this for awhile now, and now Laos In The House is like a God-send, well in our case a Buddha-send”.

Both dinner dates will be hosted by Catzie Vilayphonh, Laos In The House’s Creative Director & Susie Ratsamy, Managing Director. As hostesses they'll be on hand sharing stories with Vientiane Cafe’s owners about growing up on Lao food in America, highlighting the differences between refugee and immigrant experiences and offering spicy challenges to daring diners.

As a reminder, this delicious event is also a fundraiser - proceeds will go towards our Laos In The House project funds. Buy your tickets now as seats are limited!

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